MINUTES 10 JANUARY 2019

1.      Meeting opened by President Mary Haag at 7 PM, Parrish Medical Center, Titusville.

2.      Members Present:

          Mary Haag KJ4HDJ Dues Paid

          Gary Haywood KJ4BOJ Dues Paid

          Eric Lorey KJ4HSN Dues Paid

          Jim Hough W5ZXO Dues Paid

          Ricky Deluco K4JTT Dues Paid

          Gerald Phelps KJ41MP Dues Paid

          Mike Torres KM4CBT Dues Paid

          Bob Jones N6USP Dues Due

          Mike Fontana NIRFD Dues Paid

          Don Spade NIDES Dues Paid

          Dan McDonald W4DMD Dues Paid

          Eiko Hough Guest

3.      Gerald Phelps donated $25 for club repeater upkeep.

4.      Treasurers Report Eric Lorey $180 (note: Gary Haywood deposited $1000 to bank
          account so the maintenance fee of $15 would not be charged. That money belongs to Gary)

5.      Ricky requested we keep Will K4SVT on roster and he will pay his dues at a later time.
6.      Jim and Ricky brought the club up to day on the status of Mike Ellixon KE4MWZ. Keep Mike in
          your prayers as he recovers.

7.      Gary had comments on a trailer search for club.

8.      Mike Fontana, Ricky and Bob had technical and operational discussions on direction of club,  
         plans and equipment and operators to support those plans. Main point; Don't promise what we
         can't deliver.

9.      Ricky, Bob, Mike Fontana will be providing software programming for individual members radios
          at the Great Outdoors, Hobbyland, 26 January.

10.    Gerald and Mike provided info on BEARS activities.

11.    Ricky, Bob and Mike Fontana are developing plans for emergency communications for
          Hospitals and other agencies requiring it.

12.    Mary Haag request help in setup and support for Relay For Life, Sandpoint Park Titusville 2
          February, 2-7 PM. Survivor Dinner at 4:45 PM at Big Pavillion. You may contact Mary
          through me or Gary with questions or desire to support.

13.    Status of members not present:

          Willian Klosowski - K4SVT- Will pay dues when available

          Robert Ortiz KJ4VEH - Status Unknown - Secretary will be checking

          Cindy Spade - ADIS - Status Unknown - Secretary will be checking

          Raymond Burdett - N4BAR Dues Paid

          Nick Gray - KF4SEK Dues Paid

          Steve Kluge - K7KSC Status Unknown - Secretary will be checking

14.    Don Spade states our 501c3 status is in suspension but our corporate status is active. Will
          follow up on this but due to Government Shutdown, the IRS may not be available to address
          this issue.

15.    Club Address is: North Brevard Amateur Radio Club, P.O. Box 1033, Titusville, FL. 32754.
          Dues may be mailed in marked: ATTN; Eric Lorey.

          James R. Hough Jr.

          Secretary, NBARC



          Submit corrections, additions and deletions to the secretary.