1.  Meeting called to order by Vice President Gary Haywood at 1906 hours.

2.  Pledge of allegiance to our flag.

3.  Steve provided the Treasurer's Report. Bills: $37.00 for Post Office Box;
     Incorporation: $65.00.

4.  Status on Donald Spade unknown.

5.  Mike Fontana, N1RFD Has Pneumonia.

6.  Club dues are due for 2018 @ $20.00.

7.  Ricky DeLuco's press release (revised) was read and should appear in Florida
     Today and Channel 6 and the ARRL will also publicize it as well. This was the
     major effort Ricky and others took upon themselves on behalf of NBARC to rescue
     the homeless durin the holidays and transport them to the DAV who opened their
     shelter for them. The Titusville police also assisted by finding these individuals and
     leading our team to them. Our club thanks this team for their service on our behalf.

8.  Ricky advied all members to get active on behalf of our club in community
     activties. This will advertise and acquaint the community with Amateur Radio,
     Emergency Services and a great hobby and bring more people into our club and the
     amateur community.

9.  An ARES and RACES report was provided by Gerald with assistance from Gary
     and Ricky.  Advice: Get people signed up!

10.A discussion on BEARS One vehicle. There is a new president and officers and a
     fund raising individual has been selected and acquiring money for upkeep of the

11.There is to a tabletop practice of a Nuclear Radiation accident scenario on 12 Jan
      with a real exervise 14 Feb 2018, involving the Port StLucie Atomic Power Plant.

12. Ricky announced that the '36 machine would be up 12 Jan 2018.

13. Ricky and Gerald advises Amateurs get familiar with NBEAMS, a data
       transmission system. Also Fusion and Lift.

14. Ricky is really happy with his BTEK (SP) 5X3 Radio $330.00, Three Band.

15. Steve announced that Steve Kluge is close to getting his Amateur License.

16. Members present:

      Gary Haywood, Vice President, KJ4BOJ,

      Steve Haag, Treasurer, KJ4FJV,

      Jim Hough, Secretary, W5ZXO,

      Ricky DeLuco, Technical Director, KJ4TT,

      Eric Lorey, Technical Director, KJ4HSN,

      Jerry Phelps, ARES-RACES Corrdinator, KJ4IMP,

      Daniel McDonald, W4DMD,

      Steve Kluge, Member,

      Eight attendees, nice turnout. As usual, please provide any additions, corrections,
      and deletions to me and I'll attend to it.

      James R. Hough Jr, W5ZXO

      Secretary, NBARC