MINUTES - 12 JAN 2017

•Report on Christmas party, Meeting and Election of Officers for 2017.
•Treasurer’s Report - $419.00.
•Mike Fontana reported on BEARS meeting.  BEARS reorganization underway.  Actions have already occurred to take over and operate Ray Kassis’s facilities.  Ray, as we know, had many Radio Stations and Amateur facilities with a vast array of equipment to maintain and operate.  He had Amateurs and Technicians already in place for the operation of these facilities.  Some functions are still being resolved.  We will sorely miss Ray for the assets and services he provided. May he rest in peace.
•All Amateur Clubs required to have liability insurance covering any participation in BEARS activity.  Club insurance with ARRL is $200.00 annually.  Under consideration.
•The Ten Meter Net (provided by Bob Jones) is not working due to propagation.  I can hear stations there but they are at the noise level and they cannot hear me for the same reason.  I am at 85 Watts into a 700 foot horizontal loop and should be clearly heard but I believe we are all skipping over each other and the propagation predictions support this.  Therefore this evening at 1930 hours we will attempt communications on 3840 KHz.  If there are stations there we will go to 3845 KHZ at 1935 hours and if no luck, go to 3850 at 1940 hours.  If no success there we will secure the NBARC Auxiliary Net.
•WD5CKN, Larry Jasmann, BEARS, desires to meet with our club and this will be arranged.
•Members present:
Mary Haag, KJ4HDJ - President
Gary Hayward, KJ4BOJ - Vice President
Steven Haag, KJ4FJV -Treasurer
Jim Hough, W5ZXO - Secretary
Mike Fontana - N1RFD - Operation Director
Mike Torres - KM4CBT -

Thanks to all present for your participation.  For those who have not paid, Dues are due. 

James R. Hough Jr, W5ZXO
NBARC Secretary
As always, if there are any additions, corrections or deletions, please let me know and I will correct these minutes.
(corrected Mike Torres's call to KM4CBT and Larry Jasmann - WD5CKN corrected)