MINUTES - 11 OCTOBER, 2018

  1.   Meeting called to order by President Mary Haag - Pledge of Allegence.

  2.   Treasuer's Report by Eric Lorey; $250.00.

  3.   Bob Jones, Custody of club generator spent $140.00 for repairs.

  4.   NBARC Antenna Trailer is in custody of Daniel McDonald, W4DMD.

  5.   September Minutes and report of committee on former Treasurer's expulsion from club
        for misconduct was read by Jim Hough, Secretary and approved by members.

  6.   Comment on Bob Jones improved Health and had his hearing aid on this time.

  7.   ARES badges will be processed at the Melbourne HamFest, Oct 13th, 9 AM to 2 PM

  8.   Mary Haag is participating is a Breast Cancer fund raised Saturday on Hopkins in
        Titusville. Club members made cash donations to her at this meeting.

  9.   Mike Fontana presented info on Brevard Co. Emergency service.

  10. Ricky DeLuco stated that if the club acuires a communications trailer he will outfit it.
        Be on the lookout for a suitable trailer.

  11. Questions on Christmas Parade, Titusville were raised and Gary and Mike said they
         would be notified at the appropriate time. Ricky atated that it will probably be the
         largest ever.

  12. Ricky DeLuco provide the technical report. His team replaced the mast for the repeater
        which was bent. Repacement was a much larger mast and better secured. He also
        inserted a temporary filter to reduce intermod problems. He asked Eric and Don to
        assist in reprogramming the controller.

  13. Bob Jones had suggestions on fundraisers in conjunction with activities planned for
        Titusville and Mike Fontana will look into one of thoes.

  14. Bob Jones advised he still has a fully equipped radio shack for club members use
        including digital capabilities. Let him know if you want to use it.

  15. Jim Hough made a motion to adjourn and Don Spade seconded with all yeas at roughly
        8 PM.                 

  16. Members present

        Mary Haag - KJ4HDJ President

        Gary Hayward - KJ4BOJ Vice President

        Eric Lorey - KJ4HSN Treasurer

        Jim Hough - W5ZXO Secretary

        Ricky DeLuco - K4JTT Technical Director

        Bob Jones - N6USP Training Director                       

        Mike Fontana - N1RFD Operations Director

        Gerald Phelps - KJ4IMP  Advisor, BEARS - ARES

        Steve Kluge - KN4JYG    New Call Sign  K7KSC

        Don Spade - N1DES

        Total: 10                       

        James R. Hough Jr, Secetary NBARC                Cell: 321-750-3520 Work 321-867-4040

        Please direct any additions, corrections and deletions to me.