MINUTES - 7 NOVEMBER, 2018

Meeting called to order by Vice-President Gary Haywood - Pledge of Allegiance observed.

Minutes read and accepted. (Secretary-Jim Hough)

Treasurer’s Report by Eric Lorey; $250.00. President Mary Haag donated $100.00 bringing the account to $350.

Nomination of officers.  Nick Gray submitted the present slate of officers as his nomination and all members present decided to nominate the same way.  Bob Jones submitted his name for president.  Voting will take place at Christmas Party meeting.
President Mary Haag is seeking a suitable place for this year’s Christmas Party.
Nominations were:  Mary Haag and Bob Jones for President.  Gary Haywood for Vice-President.  Eric Lorey for Treasurer and Jim Hough as Secretary.  Appointed Directors and Net Control Stations will continue to serve in their current positions.

Discussion of 501-C3 status, Corporate Status and ARRL Membership.  501-C3 status is desirable for acceptance of donations from companies and individuals and the tax-exempt status it endows.  Corporate status is desired for protection of members from lawsuits.  ARRL may accept the club under its umbrella if 70% of our members belong to the ARRL and it appears that we have that percentage.  Don Spade and Ricky Deluco are investigating further first, to see if ARRL will cover us with 501-C3 and insurance status and find out the process for renewing our corporate status. 

Titusville Christmas Parade is scheduled for Saturday, 6 PM 8 Dec. 2018.  Mike Fontana and Gary Haywood will be coordinating plans for our participation.

Ricky presented an intensive update on our repeater.  Internet connections is out.   He will, with assistance of Mike Ellixson and Eric Lorey set up a microwave shot from PMC to Mike’s home for the internet connection.  Other repeater options and functions were discussed.

Bob Jones offered training courses the club may desire.  It was recommended that an additional Thursday meeting be set up just for training.  Mike Fontana will head up that effort.

Mike Ellixson and Bob Jones are running the Friendship Net, Tuesdays’ at 7 PM Participation has been very low and discouraging.  Please try to check in if at all possible.  It only takes a few minutes and any items you want to discuss can be brought to the net.

Gary Haywood made a motion to adjourn and someone seconded with all yeas at roughly 8:30 PM.

Members present:

Gary Haywood - KJ4BOJ Vice President

Eric Lorey - KJ4HSN Treasurer

Jim Hough - W5ZXO Secretary (Member KSCARC)

Ricky Deluco - K4JTT Technical Director

Bob Jones - N6USP Training Director. Net Control

Mike Fontana - N1RFD Operations Director

Gerald Phelps - KJ4IMP Advisor, BEARS - ARES

Donald Spade - N1DES Past President

Mike Ellixson - KE4MWZ Net Control

Dan McDonald - W4DMD (Now a member of KSCARC)

Total: 10

James R. Hough Jr., Secretary NBARC  Cell 321-750-3520 Work 321-867-4040
Please direct any additions, corrections or deletions to me