Mary Haag, KJ4HDJ, President, opened the meeting at 1900 hours.

     Pledge of allegiance to our flag led by Gary Hayward, KJ4BOJ, Vice President.

     Steve Haag, KJ4FJV, Treasurer presented the Treasurer's Report. Approved by members present.

     Nominations have been presented and will be voted on at the Christmas Dinner.

     Nominations are:    Mary Haag - President

                                     Gary Hayward - Vice President

                                     Steve Haag - Tresurer

                                     Jim Hough - Secretary

                                     Ricky DeLuco - Technical Director (appointed)

                                     William Klosowski - Assistant Technical Director (appointed)

                                     Mike Fontanna - Operations Director (appointed)

     Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Ricky Deluco for his invaluablle service in Installation,
     Maintenance, and Operation of our communication equipment. He was then appointed Technical Director

     William Klosowski was also acknowlege for his invaluable service in Installation, Maintenance and
     Operation of our communication equipment and the Installation of his own repeater equipment and was
     appointed Assistant Technical Director.

     Christmas Dinner will be at the Chinese Buffet, Thursday, December 14, in the Target Shopping Aera at
     6 PM.

     Minutes of October Meeting were read by Secetary Hough W5ZXO, and approved by members present.

    Dan McDonald, W4DMD reported to Ricky that he has connectivity with our repeated. There was a de-                                                          
     sensing problem with the former Alinco Repeater.  Dan’s name in list of members attending the October

     Meeting was inadvertently omitted from the Web Site.  His attendance was in the October Minutes. 
Perhaps, Eric could correct that in the Web Site.  List should include Dan McDonald, W4DMD.

     ICOM repeater is working, software installation progressing. Antenna weatherhead is good but there was
     no ground on antenna.  Grounded to cold water pipe in area.  Ricky/William/Eric will be running five new

feedlines into room for additional equipment.  Adding a slide rail to present mast for uhf and vhf additional
repeaters for winlink-APRS-DMR, etc. 

     Christmas Parade 9 December. Use .33 for primary and .85 for secondary comm. Participants bring Radio
    programmed and a spare battery is recommeneded. Wear Club shirts if you have them and the Safty Vest,
     again if you have them. This is our opportunity to expose Ham Radio to the community and present a 
favorable image of what we can do! Contact Gary, KJ4BOJ and request the position along the parade route
     you desire.

     Please pray for Mary who has a scheduled operation soon.

     Question on our 501-3C. Required payment sent in and cashed but no response back. Government slow
     but if they have our money it must be good.

     Gerald, KJ4IMP commented on Repeater list for county. We do need an upgraded on and we hope
     someone will take this on as a project and cancass clubs and compile valid current list.

     Members Present:

                                     Mary Haag, President, KJ4HDJ

                                     Gary Hayward, Vice President, KJ4BOJ

                                     Steve Haag, Treasurer, KJ4FJV

                                     Jim Hough, Secretary, W5ZXO

                                     Ricky DeLuco, Technical Director, KJ4TT

                                     William Klosowski, Assistant Technical Director, K4SVT

                                     Gerald Phelps, KJ4IMP

                                     Donald Spade, N1DES

                                     Dan McDonald, W4DMD

                                     Steve Kluge

     My Observations: Thank you all so much for attending. Ten members, that is great. Thanks to the work
     provided by so many of you in providing your time, money, equipment and expertise. I don't believe our
     club has been this well attended and supported in a very long time. Looking forward to meeting, greeting
     and working with all of you at the Christmas Party and the Titusville Christmas day parade. We will, as
     always, have our best foot forward and be professionally represented by all of you.

Meeting closed at 1950 hours.

     James R. Hough Jr (Jim) W5ZXO


     As usual, Please direct corrections, deletions, additions and criticism to Jim Hough, Secretary, -

     Cell Phone: 321-750-3520 or on the net, Tuesday's 7 PM, 147.33 MHz 107.2 Tone.