MINUTES -13 DEC. 2018

1.    Meeting was held at the Bamboo Gardens Restaurant, Titusville FL. President Mary Haag
       opened the meeting at 6 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag.

2.    Elections were held conducted by Diana Lorey. Results were unanimous as follows:

1.       Mary Haag - President
2.       Gary Haywood - Vice-President
3.       Eric Lorey - Treasurer
4.       Jim Hough - Secretary

3.    Gary expressed his sincere appreciation for all who participated in the parade 
        communications: Gary-High School; Nick & Raymond-Moonlight; Ricky & William-Subway; Bob
       Jones-Rose Antiques, St. John Road; Barry K4NMF-City Square Prof. Building; Steve Kluge-A-l
       Locksmith; Mike-KE4MWZ-Down Town; Mike NIRFD-G01f Cart Rover. Jim Hough Monitoring.

4.    Eric provided the Treasurer's Report and 2019 Dues were collected from: Jim Hough, Mary
       Haag, Ricky Deluco, Michael Fontana, Gary Haywood, Nick Gray, Raymond Burdette and Mike
       Ellixson (total of 8)

5.    501C-3 is still in effect. Secretary will collect necessary information to continue this.

6.    Projected projects for 2019: a. Walk-a-thon- Relay-for-life 2 Feb 2-7 PM Sandpoint Park. b.
       Walmart info table suggested, Winter Field Day, GOTA (Get On The Air) station operations can be
       set up but must have an Extra Class control operator present. Boy Scout Jamboree. Selling
       Chinese Radios.

7.    Orland Hamcation. Raymond has space for two people to ride with him on Saturday 10 Feb.

8.    Motion to close at 7:50 we did! Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year as well

9.    Members Present;

       Mary Haag-President KJ4HDJ

       Gary Haywood- Vice President KJ4BOJ

       Eric Lorey-Treasurer KJ4HSN

       Jim Hough- Secretary W5ZXO

       Diana Lorey- Guest

       Michael Ellixson KE4MWZ

       Shellie Deluco - K4SAD
Ricky Deluco-K4JTT Technical Director

Michael Fontana-NIRFD Operations Director

Nick Gray - KF4SEK

Raymond Burdette - N4BAR

Bob Jones - N6USP - Training Director

James R. Hough Jr. W5zxo

Secretary, NBARC

Note: Please submit any corrections, deletions, additions or changes to

NBARC 2019 Meeting Schedule:

10 Jan - PMC- 1900

7 Feb - PMC- 1900

13 Mar- PMC- 1900

11 Apr - PMc- 1900

16 May - PMC- 1900

13 Jun- PMC -1900

11 Jul - PMC -1900

8 Aug- PMC - 1900

12 sep - PMC- 1900

10 Oct - PMC -1900

14 Nov- PMC-1900

12 Dec - Christmas Dinner TBD -1800

NBARC Mission Statement: NBARC is a non-profit public benefit corporation organized and operated to promote education for persons interested in communications and to train communicators for public service and emergency communications. NBARC also encourages and sponsors experiments in electronics and promotes the highest standards of practice and ethics in conduct of communications. NBARC assures success by having an organization with a focus on its goals, a system of leadership development, prudent financial management and a vision toward and dedication to public service. We support an organized and comprehensive educational program and publicizes its activities to the community.