1.  Meeting opened by President Mary Haag at 1900 hours, Parish Medical Center.

2.  Pledge of allegiance.

3.  Minutes of previous meeting passed out and meeting turned over to Ricky DeLuco for his
     presention. This covered the purpose and origin of NBARC. Live broadcast of the service provided
     by Ricky-K4JTT, Will-K4SVT, Robert-KJ4VEH and Mike-KE4MWZ during the cold freeze. This effort
     involved finding homeless people and transporting them to the DAV Shelter in Titusville and was
     broadcast on Local Channel 13, in Florida Today, QST and other venues. See

     Ricky covered present capabilities of the club and plans/ideas for future expansion of capabilities.
     Many ways to enhance our visibility and capability to our community and attract new amateurs to
     join our clubs and add to our coverage. Our various agencies are not always aware that we are here
     and what we can do to assist them. They need to be shown what we can do. That also imposes a
     duty on our members in being able and willing to serve when called. We must be a reliable resource
     or reliance on us won't be there.

     Many different communication systems were discussed. The BEARS and EOC BEARS Den was
     discussed. The presentation needs to be given to the local County, Cities and organizations so they
     can utileze us when needed. Mary and the members thank Ricky, William, Robert, and Mike Fontana
     for the information presented. This was a long but profitable meeting with hard information and a
     path for our club to pursue.
4.  Attendees:

     Mary Haag-KJ4HDJ-President

     Steve Haag-KJ4FJV-Treasurer

     Jim Hough-W5ZXO-Secretary

     Ricky DeLuco-K4JTT-Director Maintenance-Operations

     Mike Fontana-N1RFD-Special Projects

     Eric Lorey-KJ4HSN- Technican, Maintenance

     William Klosowski-K4SVT-Assistant Director, Maint/Ops

     Donald Spade-N1DES-Consultant

     Mike Torres-KM4CBT

     Daniel McDonald-W4DMD

     Robert Ortiz-KJ4MWZ-Consultant

     Michael Ellison-KE4MWZ

     Steve Kluge-Member

     Meeting adjourned 2023 hours. Topics and Discussions to be continued!

     James R. Hough, Jr.

     Secretary, NBARC

     Address corrections, deletions, and additions to:

     PS: Will, Ricky, please pass on to Robert Ortiz.  I Don't have his e-mail address.