NORTH BREVARD AMATEUR RADIO CLUB                                                                                                                                                   
                                                MINUTES 9 FEBRUARY 2017

1.Meeting called to order by President Mary Haag at 7 PM, PMC, Room 6.
2.Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag was conducted by Gary Hayward.
3.Minutes were read and approved.
4.Treasurer’s report was read and approved.
5.Club insurance was discussed and will cost $200.00.  This will protect us and also allow our participation in BEARS activities.  This is ARRL Insurance.
6.Discussion of the relationships between RACES, ARES, BEARS and Clubs and interaction.  Mike Fontana discussed State participation vs BEARS
7.President Mary again designated Mike Fontana and Gary Hayward as our Club representatives to BEARS. 
8.Active discussion about HF antennas such as loops, gutter pipe, flag pole and attic antenna.  Information on length and arrangements.  Included coax and window line feeds.
1.Please submit any corrections, changes, omissions or additions to:
9.Mary presented the following Cancer fund raising events:                             

     *March 4th at Pinto’s 7555 US-l American Cancer Fundraised 8:30 PM to 1:30 AM

     *April 1st Relay for Life, Holiday Inn Express, Cocoa, 301 Tucker Lane Noon to       Midnight. Free luncheon provided for survivors and caregivers, food, Music, Family Day Activities.

     *April 8th, Loughman’s Lake, 1955 Hatbill Road, Mims (off SR 46) Great food and live music, American Cancer Fundraiser.

     *April 15th Sgt B.’s  3834 S. Hopkins Ave, Titusville Cancer Benefit, Live music and food.

9. Members Present:

                   Mary Haag-President KJ4HDJ

                   Gary Hayward-Vice President KJ4BOJ

                   Steve Haag-Treasurer KJ4FJV

                   Jim Hough-Secretary W5ZXO

                   Michael Fontana-Special Ops N1RFD

                   Jerry Phelps KJ4IMP

                   Mike Torres KM4CBT

                   Dan Space N1DES

10 . Meeting closed at 8 PM, Peace and Harmony prevailing.  88 and 73 to all

James R. Hough Jr.

Secretary -NBARC 
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