MINUTES -14 MARCH, 2019

1.    Meeting opened at 1900L by President Mary Haag in room 106 Parrish Medical Center.

2.    Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag recited by all.

3.    Moment of Silence for our Deceased long time member and former President, Bob Jones, SK.

4.    Minutes of previous meeting were read by Secretary Jim Hough and approved by attendees.

5.    Treasurer Eric Lorey gave the treasurer's report.

6.    Daniel McDonald, W4DMD has possession of NBARC generator and trailer.

7.    Eric Lorey provided report on repeater noise. Water in antenna cable and power supply going bad.
       Need a 12 Volt, 25-30 Amp switching PS. Contact Ricky, K4JIT if you have one to donate.

8.    NBARC is not presently a 501C-3 or LLC club. These credentials were not renewed and cost is

9.    A special thank you to Max, NIMAX for his participation in club activities.

10.  Report by Mary on the Titusville Walk scheduled by SPACEPORT. There will be an 8 K and a 2
        mile walk from Hall of Fame. Jim passed out the literature. April 6th, 6:30AM-7:45AM show time.
        Starts 8 AM. Meet at part on Indian River and Broad Street, downtown Titusville.

11.  NBARC mailbox. NBARC2 P.O. Box 1033, Mims, FL. 32754. Jim Hough, Secretary turned over his
        key. to Mary Haag, President.

12.  There is a Mosquito Net Tailgater 30 March, 2019, Fox Lake Park at 8 AM.

13.  Attendees: Mary Haag, KJK4HDJ-President. Eric Lorey, KJ4HSN-Treasurer, Jim Hough,
       W5ZXOSecretary. Mike Fontana, NIRFD-SpeciaI Operations, Don Spade, NIDES, Jerry Phelps,
       KJ41MP, Mike Torres, KM4CBT, Jimmy Edwards, KJ4ELX-Guest, Max, NIMAX-Hononarv Member.

14.  Meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM

        Secretary-James R. Hough Jr. W5ZXO Secretary, NBARC (Send corrections. additions, deletions  
        and changes to: Cell: 321-750-3520