8 MARCH 2018
1.  Call to Order, 7 PM by VP Gary Hayward, Parish Medical Center.

2.  Pledge of allegiance.

3.  VHF Radio presented to Steve Kluge KN4JYG for becoming an amateur radio operator.
     Congratulations Steve!  He is pusuing his General Class License.

4.  Complements were given to Ricky and team for support of the 5K Charity walk from the
     Harriet Moore Museum through neighborhoods and back. Mz Maggie, the Director and her
     staff were duly impressed and will be utilizing us in the future. Contact was made with ROTC
     Commander Colonel whose troops acted as road guards. He is interested in NBARC
     providing satellite comm training. Bob Jones has volunteered his service in that regard.

5.  Ricky is looking into an Chain of Lakes walk which we could support.

6.  Received application from Bob Jones, N6USP to rejoin NBARC. Will submit to our
     president and treasurer for processing.

7.  Bob Jones provided a possible opportunity for community service to the Disabled
     American Veterans (DAV) in their Standdown for Homeless people. He will provide futher

8.  A motion was by Ricky and seconed by Dan to read the mission statement at each
     meeting and that was approved by all.

9.  Jerry provided information on BEARS Drill EOC with ARES. Many PCARS operators
     assisted and Basic ICS 213 message training was provided. Next drill is sometime in May.

10.Mike and Gary are our prime Kiwanis contacts and will keep us in the public eye.
     Briefings were given local Police and Fire personnel and were well received.

11.Printing Cards and trifolds material was discussed and Eric will work on that. Please
     forward suggestions and submissions to him for consideration. These items can be handed
     out to anyone we come in contact with and help spread the news that we are a Public
     Service Organization and ready to assist when our services can help in any endeavor.

     Members present:
     Gary Hayward, KJ4BOJ, Vice President
     Jim Hough, W5ZXO, Secretary

     Mike Fontana, N1RFD, Special Ops Director, BEARS Contact

     Ricky DeLuco, K4JTT, Technical Director

     Eric Lorey, KJ4HSN, Webmaster, Maintenance

     Jerry Phelps, KJ4IMP, Assistant RACES Coordinator

     Donald Spade, N1DES, Consultant

     Daniel McDonald, W4DMD

     Michael Ellison, KE4MWZ

     Steve Kluge, KN4JYG

     Great turnout troops. Good service provided to community with much more to come. As
     usual, please provide corrections, additions, deletions to:

     Your NBARC Secretary

     73 all

     James R. Hough, Jr. W5ZXO