MINUTES -11 APRIL. 2019

1.      Meeting opened at 1900L by Vice President Gary Haywood. Conference Room 6. Parrish Medical

2.      Pledge of Alle2iance to our Flag recited by all.

3.      Thoughts for our sick members, Mike Fontana and Ricky Deluco.

4.      President Mary Haag has work commitments.

5.      Minutes of previous meeting were passed out by Secretary Jim Hough and approved by

6.      Treasurer Eric Lorey gave the treasurer's report.

7.      Jerry reported on interference to the Scottsmore repeater 147.075MHz.

8.      No BEARS Report.

9.      Eric Lorev purchased a power supply for our repeater for S169.99. Club approved payment to
         Eric in that amount. Don will try to repair the old power supply.

10.   Daniel McDonald, W4DMD has possession of NBARC generator and trailer. He stated the trailer
        has a bad tire. Gary will investigate and Jim may have a used tire/rim to give the club.

11.   Eric Lorey provided report on repeater noise. Water still in antenna cable and power supply was
         replaced. RePeater ID was not reset. Will be done later.

12.   Don reported that his daughter and our member, Cindy Spade, ADIS is undergoing radiation
         cancer treatment. Keep her in our prayers.

13.   Report on 8K run but all members who participated. We organized ourselves and all went well.
        Discussed an alternate channel for direct communication between participants to facilitate activities
        between checkpoints. May use an alternate frequency next time.

14.   NBARC mailbox. NBARC, P.O. Box 1033, Mims, FL. 32754. Garv turned over his key to Jim
        Hough, Secretary. Mailbox keys are held by Mary, Eric and Jim.

15.   The Mosquito Net Tailgate, 30 March, 2019, Fox Lake Park at 8 AM was reported on by Donald.

16.   Attendees: Gary Hauood, KJ4BOJ Vice President, Eric Lorev, KJ4HSN-Treasurer, Jim
        Hough, W5ZXO-Secretary, Mike Ellixson, KE4MWZ NCS Friendship Net, Daniel McDonald,
        W4DMD, Club Equipment Custodian, Don Spade, NIDES, Jerry Phelps, KJ41MP, Mike Torres.      

17.   Meeting adiourned at 7:50 PM. Thank all of you for attending.
        Secretary-James R. Hough Jr, W5ZXO Secretary, NBARC (Send corrections, additions, deletions
        and changes to: Cell: 321-750-3520