1. Meeting called to order by President Mary Haag at 1900 hours.

2. Pledge of allegiance

3. Presentation of certificate by Mary to Steve Kluge on becoming a Amateur Radio
    Operator; KN4JYG

4. Mary welcomed Joe, N1PAW and Bertie, N1OGE Bonardi, visitors.

5. Reading of March minutes by Secretary Jim Hough, read and accepted.
    Club mission statement will be read next meeting.

7. Jerry Phelps addressed modes such as WINLINK, HF and VHF Bases systems,
    Digital, e-mail, etc. We have one gateway in Palm Bay, an outpost BBS systems,
    very old. D-Star, DRATS. Last exercise Verble communication was used and              
    very slow and tedious.

8. Gary Haryward explained that we need to fill the holes in the County and State 
     communications links or lack thereof.

9. Don Spade inquired about our standing as a 501 C3 club as he did not see it
     listed in the Federal Register. Steve Haag saik it has been paid and he will follow
     up the status. It is important from a Tax status, donations and recognition from
     other organizations.

10.Eric Lorey needs help for development fo info cards and flyers depicting what           
      our is about and what we can do for the community. Bob Jones will help with a   
      three-fold he has developed and others will also forward ideals to Eric.

11.Steve Haag read the Treasurer's report which was accepted.

12.New Business: Jerry noted that in the North East States numerous weather  
      stations were off the air. Ham repeaters might help fill the gap.

13.Mike Fontana advised that we are progressing and will get the latest technolgy        
      such as DMR, D-Star, Fusion, ect. He pointed out that even with the finest 
      equipment available, we still need a trained, available cadre of operators to    
      man the stations. We need to program all radios to the same standards so
      they have interoperability. He suggested that BEARS could that on a project.

14. New Shirts for the club was brought up and Bob Jones said he could take that
      project on. He believes he can also get more Emergency Vests.
15 Jerry Stated we have a new Emergency Coordinator, ARRL, J.D. Shaw. There
      is National Grid Training, at EOC next week. The next RACES drill is 2 June 
      2018. TARC, Fox Lake Park. New local EC, Paul Fee, N6YCC of TARC.

     Members present:

     Mary Haag - President KJ4HDJ
     Gary Hayward - Vice President KJ4BOJ

     Steve Haag - Treasurer KJ4FJV
     Jim Hough - Secretary W5ZXO

     Jerry Phelps - KJ4IMP

     Joe Bonardi - N1PAW Guest

     Bertie Bonardi - N1OGE Guest

     Donald Spade - N1DES
     Mike Fontana - N1RFD

     Steve Kluge - KN4JYG

     Bob Jones - N6USP

     Daniel McDonald - W4DMD
     Eric Lorey - KJ4HSN

     Mike Torres - KM4CBT

     Jim Hough, Secetary NBARC W5ZXO, Cell: 321-750-3520