1.   Meeting called to order by President Mary Haag at 7 PM, PMC, Room 6.

2.   Pledge of Allegince to our Flag was conducted by President Haag.

3.   Minutes were read and approved.

4.   Treasurer's report was read and approved.

5.   Club insurance was discussed and will cost $200.00 and has been applied for. This will protect us and
      also allow our participation in BEARS activities. This is ARRL Insurance.

6.   Mary reported on past Cancer fund raising event commenting that there were good turnouts and
      very successful. The following fund raising event is on 15 April at Sgt B's 3835 S. Hopkin.  s Ave,
      Titusville and is a Cancer Benefit. Live music and food. All are welcome. Please come.

7.   Mary and Steve commented at lenght an Walmart's policy on volunteer service which pays $250.00
      per event.

8.   We were fortunate to have Ricky Deluco, K4JTT and Nathan Wednor (sp?), W4NJW in attendance
      and they took our pictures and prepared our new ARES Badges.

9.   Rlicky Spoke at length about the proposed upgrading of our county communication systems. We
       hope to have a PACTOR repeater,  D-Star repeater and upgrade of our repeater to 50 Watt output
       soon. All of these new installations and anticipated upgrade to our repeater are being coordinated
       by Ricky and Mike Fontana and our sincere appreciation to them. This will dramatically improve our
       disaster posture in support of FEMA and ARES. Ricky and Perhaps Nathan and four others are
       prospective new members to NBARC and we welcome them with open arms and especially the
       expertise they bring to our club in support of our mission, Disaster Relief and Support

10. Members present:

      Mary Haag-President, KJ4HDJ

      Steve  Haag-Treasurer, KJ4FJV

      Jim Hough-Secretary, W5ZXO

      Michael Fontana-Special Operations Director, N1RFD

      Ricky DeLuco-Guest speaker and ARES Coordinator, K4JTT

      Nathan Wednor (sp?), Assistant to Ricky, W4NJW

11. Meeting closed at 8:00 PM, Peace and Harmony prevailling. 88 and 73 to all.

      James R. Hough Jr, W5ZXO (AFA4BT-MARS)

      Secretary, NBARC

      Note: Please direct correctons, omissions, deletions or additions including missing callsigns and
                  members names to:

      Note: Anyone; please forward to any other interested parties including Nathan - W4NJW