1.    Meeting called to order by Vice President Gary Hayward  at 1900 hours.

2.    Pledge of allegiance mission Statement were given.

3.    K4JTT, Ricky was injured on duty and has a broken wrist.

4.    Secretary rea minutes of previous meeting which were approved.

5.    Treasurer gave his report which was read and approved.

6.    Eric provided a sample tri-fold handout. Please provide comments and
       recommendations to him.

7.    Mike stated that BEARS needed a technical committee and should be the focus point         
        for activities in the county.

8.    Jerry stated that there should be a "Naming Convention" for county repeaters.

9.    Jerry has provided a repeater directory which has been forwarded to the members by       
        the club secretary. 

10.  Welcome Dwaine, The BEARS secretary to the meeting.  BEARS is seeking more          
        opportunities to display BEARS 1 to the public.

11.  EOC is requesting exclusive use of one of our repeater during emergencies.  Mike              
        will query Ricky on which one would be suitable.

12.  Bob will be ordering new shirts for the club members.  Please provide callsign, name          
        and size to him.  

13.  The number of new repeater capabilities are in "Beta testing and personal are being        
        trained to support them.  We will work on this during the summer and have them                            
        on line by hurricane season.  Fusion repeater is down.

14.  Don queried Steve on 501 C3 status and Steve advise that paperwork and                                   
        money have been submitted and we are waiting response.

15.  Mike advise field day will be at the great outdoors 23-24 June.

16.  Training on message handling, Fox Lake Park, 2 June, 8:30 - 12:30 / Try to be there
        by 8 AM.

17.  Field Day Simplex is 146.52 MHz. One hour before Field Day. Bob will try to get Glen                    
        for CW operations.

18.  BEARS Merritt Island Mall - Meet and Greet.

19.  Jim, W5ZXO is a member of the KSC (KARS) Amateur club, N1KSC, (NASA 1

20.  Notes from Jerry: Someone (Steve) commented that the attachment to the
       listed. I replied, the list was in error, that I had an updated list that did not get into
       the "RACES System". I would e-mail Mike, Gary and Jim ( as I have their e-mails)
       the updated list and please make any corrections and get back to me ASAP. I
       announced the county would soon be prepairing the 2018 Hurricane season update
       to Brevard County Comperhensive Emergency Plan. I would like the club to consider
       to allow the use of one of NBARC's VHF repeaters during an emergency to
       RACES/ARES. Currently, the repeater would be a backup to North and possible
       Central Primary repeaters and if used for emergency purposes would remove the
       repeaters from use by club members except for emergency traffic. The repeater
       could also be used during ARES/RACES drills or SET's but that could be on a
       shared basis if desired by NBARC. This is a desire on my part. We got through last
       season with crippled repeaters resources and could do so again. I would like to
       know by 25 May 2018. Active Repeater list were sent to Mike, Gary and Jim for

21.  Meeting Adjourned at 2000 Hours. Members and guests:

22.  Bob Jones gave a superb presentations on FUSION and other new VHF/UHF
        radios with advanced capabilities.

23.  Members present:

       Gary Hayward - Vice President KJ4BOJ

       Steve Haag - Treasurer KJ4FJV
       Jim Hough - Secretary W5ZXO

       Jerry Phelps - KJ4IMP

       Donald Spade - N1DES
       Mike Fontana - N1RFD

       Bob Jones - N6USP

       Eric Lorey - KJ4HSN

       Dewaine Heroux - KM4HEN

       Jim Hough, Secetary NBARC W5ZXO, Cell: 321-750-3520