MINUTES 11 MAY, 2017

1.  Metting called to order by Vice President Gary Haywood at 7 PM, PMC, Room 6.
2.  Pledge of Alleginance to our Flag was conducted by VP Haywood.
3.  Minutes were given to all attendees to read and they were approved.
4.  Treasurer's report was read and approved.
5.  Steve Haag reported that we are a 501C3 organization.
6.  A Special thanks to Eric for maintaining our Club Website.
7.  A reminder that the NBARC Club Net is held on Tuesday at 7 PM, 147.330 MHz, Tone: 107.2 Hz
8.  Discussion and briefining by Jerry and Gary on the BEARS, RACES and ARES relationsship and with the
     EOC as well. Later Ricky and Nathan arrived tand continued, at length, the involvement of our club
     as well as other clubs in the County.
9.  Ricky Deluco, K4JTT and Nathan Weidner, W4NJW discussed plans to enhance North Brevard
     Communications in the Emergenicy Communications World. They will coordinate with Gary and
     Mike Fontana and proceed with surveys and proposals.
10.The present BEARS president will continue. Ricky has introduced Messaging Systems in the
     County. The County only recognized RACES as the entity for coordination with the Amateur
     community. The County supports RACES and BEARS with some supplies and fuel. The BEARS van
     has a permanent parking slot at the Rockledge Fire Dept. The EOC provides a RACES Bay with County
     purchased radio equipment and computers. Consensus: The EOC, BEARS, RACES, ARES and all
     Brevard Radio Clubs need to put aside any differences and fully support the EOC. That is our mission
     as Radio Amateurs in part 97 of the FCC rules for our conduct as pointed out by Nathan.
11.Gary made a motion, seconded by Steve to donate $100.00 to BEARS.
12.The ARES President is Mark Peterson.
13.Following were present:

     Gary Haywood, Vice President, KJ4BOJ

     Steve Haag, Treasurer, KJ4FJV

     Jim Hough, Secretary, W5ZXO

     Jerry Phelps, KJ4IMP

     Don Spades, N1DES

     Ricky Deluco, ARES Coordinator, K4JTT

     Nathan Weidner, W4NJW

14.Thanks to all attendees for being there. Meeting closed at 8:40 PM, Peace and Harmony
     prevailling. 88 and 73 to all.

15.Remember: NBARC is a public service Amateur Radio Club dedicated to Emergency Service to our
     Nation, State, County and specifically to the EOC and Parrish Medical Center. We are grateful to
     Parrish Medical Center for their support in providing facilities for our equipment and meetings.

     James R. Hough Jr, W5ZX (AFA4BT-MARS)

     Secretary, NBARC

     Note: Please direct corrections, omissions, deletions or additions including missed call-signs and
     members names to

     Note: Anyone; please feel free to forward to any other interested parties.