MINUTES OF 13 JUNE 2019

1. Meeting opened by VP Gary Haywood at 1900 hours with pledge of allegiance.

2. Secretary screwed up so Ricky Deluco read the minutes, Thank You.

3. Gary commented on collection letter from Regions Bank and his reply with a copy from the bank showing  zero  bank.

4.  Out two guests from Bears, Dwaine Heroux, KM4HCN and J. D. Shaw, K7LCW provided information on BEARS
     activities and repairs to BEARS van.  Information supplemented by Jerry Phelps, ARES representative on chain of

5.  Ham Club Online has forms that may be used for club activities and it is free to Amateur Clubs.

6. Gary addressed Hurricane season and all present stated the condition of their preparation for this season.

7.  Mike Fontana will assist with repair of club generator and  antenna trailer.  Jim Hough has a spare wheel and tire for the    

8. Ricky spoke on  his elaborate system entirely on DC/batteries.  Impressive!

9. Matt Flavell will work on a Hurricane plan for NBARC.  Thanks, Matt.

10.  Members and Guests: W5ZXO, Jim Hough-Secretary, KM4HCN, Dwaine Heroux W41K, Mike Whelpley, N1DES,
       Don Spade, K4JTT, Ricky Deluco-Engineer, KJ4BOJ, Gary Haywood-Vice President, N1RFD, Mike Fontana-Director
       Operations, (with N1MAX), KM4CBT, Mike Torres, KN4TPC, Matt Flavell, KJ4IMP, Jerry Phelps-ARES
       Representative, W4DMD, Daniel McDonald-Equipment Custodian,

10. Meeting adjourned.

      James R.  Hough Jr
      Secretary, NBARC