MINUTES 8 JUNE, 2017

1.  Metting called to order by President Mary Haag at 7 PM, Parrish Medical Center, Room 6.
2.  Pledge of Alleginance to our Flag was by all.
3.  Members

     Mary Haag - President - KJ4HDJ

     Gary Hayward - Vice President - KJ4BOJ

     Steve Haag - Treasurer - KJ4FJV

     Michael Fontana - Operations Manager - N1RFD

     Jim Hough - Secretary - W5ZXO

     Jerry Phelps - KJ4IMP

     Ricky DeLuco - K4JTT

     Shellie DeLuco - K4SAD

     Mike Torres - KH4CBT

     Daniel McDonald - W4DMD

4.  Treasurer's Report read and accepted.
5.  Minutes were reviewed and accepted. (all members received by e-mail)
6.  BEARS pledges were; $100 from Mike Fontana and $25 by Jerry Phelps. Total of $700 needed is      
     slowly being met with pledges from other Brevard Amateur Raido Clubs.
7.  Ricky DeLuco provided an exensive report on his survey (with Gary and Mike) of Parrish Medical
     Center and steps he will take to upgrade and add to our assets here at PMC. We are most
      appreciative of his generous contributions to our capabilities here in the North. With the Hurricane
     season in force, we need this expansion. He has submitted a four step phase report.
8.  Field Day will be held at The Great Outdoors courtesy of Mike Fontana. Steve and Mary graciously
     volunteered the food and we will operate the radios as our members desire. Ricky will provide HF rig,
     Steve has the Vertial Antenna. Field Day 24-25 june and we will be there at 8:AM or whenever
     members arrive.
9.  Adjourned at 7:56 PM.  God bless all especially our Troops and our Great Country.

     As usual, Please direct corrections, deletions, additions and criticism to:

     Jim Hough, Secretary, NBARC

     Cell Phone: 321-750-3520 or on the net, Tuesday's 7 PM, 147.3300 MHz Tone 107.2 HZ

     73 and 88 to all!