MINUTES OF 11 JULY 2019

1. Meeting opened by President Mary Haag at 7 PM with pledge of allegiance.

2. Minutes read by secretary, Jim Hough , thanks to Mary for having  them on her phone.

3. Treasurer’s report by Eric Lorey

4.  Report on field day by Mary and others.   Food was great, propagation not to great.

5.  Ricky Deluco gave an extensive report on the NBARC website.  Training on how to access and use, notifications    
     on NBARC and other events plus club roster.

6. Gary Haywood recommended Mike Fontana be nominated for President of BEARS,  Nominated by Jim Hough,
     seconded by Ricky Deluco. Motion passed unanimously.

7.  Discussion of Parrish Medical Center room for NBARC emergency activities.  Ricky has plans to make a
     complete Radio Operations Room with  equipment he will donate.  Others will also donate equipment and it was
     recommended we fabricate our own antennae rather than purchase them.

8. Ricky led a discussion on HF antennas such as large loops fed with window line and dipoles with ground planes.  
    Other joined discussion with ideas such a beverage antennas.

9.  Members  KJ4HDJ, Mary Haag-President, KJ4BOJ, Gary Haywood-VP, KJ4HSN, Eric Lorey-Treasurer,
     W5ZXO, Jim Hough-Secretary,  W41K, Mike Whelpley, N1DES, Don Spade, K4JTT, Ricky Deluco-Engineer, 
     K7KSC, Steve Kluge.

10. Meeting adjourned 8:30 PM

     James R.  Hough Jr
     Secretary, NBARC
     Eric.  Please post on website and send to all members. Thanks Jim.  I could not do  it on the NBARC website.