1.  VP Gary Hayward Opened Meeting 7 PM With the flag Ceremony.

  2.  Treasurer's report by Steve Haag read and accepted. Paid PO Box fees, Paid club
        insurance, and received the 501 C3 document.

  3.  Steve Haag read the minutes for the June meeting.

  4.  Ricky DeLuco provided a Presentation which will be disseminated in a separate e-mail.
       Request help with maintenance on Repeaters. Training will be provided.

  5.  Jerry Phelps had requested use of repeater for ARES and will coordinate though
       Ricky. Jerry also provided a dicussion on ARES-RACES relationship and coordination
       with BEARS and Jerry comments will be disseminated in a separate e-mail. (ARES-
       Amateur Radio Emergency Service, RACES-Radio Amateur Communication Emergency
       Service and BEARS-Brevard Emergency Amateur Radio Service)

  6.  Bob Jones presented a very interesting program on Tornado development using a
       program that can be procured for $79.00. The program is: GR 3 Level 3 Storm
       Program. Doppler Weather Program-Tornados.

  7.  Mary is proposing a bake sale to raise money for our club at Penthouse date to be
       announced later. Request go-kits and amateur equipment be brought for display and
       to interest to anyone who comes.

  8.  Steve suggested a DMR Contest from 12-6 PM with a prize for the most contracts.

  9.  Jerry has an acquaintance who owns a Radio Station who will advertise for us WKQK
       and he is a Amateur as will. Jerry is also compilling a list of activities proider by
       Amateur Clubs in the vicinity..

10.  Bob Jones announced that he is STILL providing Amateur Licensing training for all
       comers who desire to become Radio Amateurs. Classes can be held a PMC where our
       club meets. vicinity and there activities.

       Members present:

       Gary Hayward, KJ4BOJ - Vice President

       Steve Haag, KJ4FJV - Treasurer
       Jim Hough, W5ZXO - Secretary

       Ricky DeLuco, K4JTT - Technical Director

       Bob Jones, N6USP - Training Director

       Jerry Phelps, KJ4IMP - Coordinator

       Eric Lorey, KJ4HSN - Web Page Director

       Mike Fontana, N1RFD - Activities Director

       Donald Spade, N1DES - Former President
       Steve Kluge, KM4JYG

       Danial McDonald, W4DMD

       Jim Hough, Secetary W5ZXO, Cell: 321-750-3520

       Please provide any additions, corrections and deletions to me.