MINUTES 13 JULY, 2017

1.  Metting called to order by Vice Gary Hayward at 7 PM, Parrish Medical Center, Room 6.
2.  Pledge of Alleginance to our Flag was by all.
3.  Members present;

      Gary Hayward - Vice President - KJ4BOJ

     Steve Haag - Treasurer - KJ4FJV

     Jim Hough - Secretary - W5ZXO

     Jerry Phelps - KJ4IMP

     Daniel McDonald - W4DMD

4.  Treasurer's Report read and accepted.
5.  Minutes were reviewed and accepted. (all members received by e-mail).
6.  BEARS donations were $1600 from all Brevard Amateur Radio Clubs and members. BEARS is being
     provided internet connections by Brevard County. The Fire Dept is providing parking space for
     BEARS 1.
7.  No report from Ricky on equipment installations.
8.  Field Day was held at The Great Outdoors courtesy of Mike Fontana. Steve and Mary graciously
     provided the food and we operated two HF radio stations courtest of Ricky, Rob, Nathan and William.
     Ricky provided HF rigs and antennas along with his companions.  Steve and Mike had Vertical Antennas
     for "Go Kits" as well as Gary with his "Go Kits". A good time was had by all.

     Follows list in order of show time

     Ricky-K4JTT, Jim-W5ZXO, Mike-N1RFD, Gary-KJ4BOJ, William-4SVT, Eric-KJ4HSN, Diana Lorey,
     Steve-KJ4FJV, Mary-KJ4HDJ, Matt Walker, Tammy Walker, Kay Walker, MacKenzie Walker,
     Nathan Wedner-W4NJW, Rob-KJ4VEH.

9.  D Star equipment was discussed and now Kenwood has compatible equipment.
10.Set, North Net is operated TARC with two repeaters, one on Titusville Courthouse.
11.IRARC has two repeaters and PCARS has MLB net-South. Palm Bay has the DCT-K4CCJ voice net.
     These are all part of Brevard Emergency Communiactions System.
12.Winlink digital was discussed. Use 444.525 (South) net exercise on 29th  July 2017 between 9 AM -
     11 AM.
13.Meeting adjourned at 1950 hours  (Thank you Steve for the cookies)

     As usual, Please direct corrections, deletions, additions and criticism to Jim Hough, Secretary, -

     Cell Phone: 321-750-3520 or on the net, Tuesday's 7 PM, 147.33 MHz 107.2 Tone.