1.   Meeting opened by VP Gary Hayward at 7 PM. Flag ceremony was conducted.

  2.   Mission statment read by Mike Fontana as prescribed in by-laws.

  3.   Signed card for Steve Haag (get well).

  4.   Mike Fontana will deploy to North/South Carolina for Hurricane Florence support.

  5.   Gary passed out hurricane material and Space Coast Museum information.

  6.   Jim Hough provided 12 volt, 5 Amp power supplies for those who santed them and Gary provided
         Power Pulse Battery Conditioners (24 Volt) as well.

  7.   Ricky provided inputs on the August meeting at the Great Outdoors where he provided training and
        configured Laptops from 3:30 to 5PM.

  8.   Gary and Mike provided information on bank problems and both fielded questions on what
        occurred. Steve Haag resigned as Treasurer. Eric Lorey was nominated and voted in as our new
        tresasurer. Bank account was moved from Regions to Suntrust bank and bank account for 8/22/18-
        8/31/18 for $250.00 was read and approved. Investigation is on-going by the Brevard Sherriff's
        Department and the Regions Bank to determine who wrote the bad checks but apparently we are not
        liable for the overdrafts. We will set the system up to requried two signatures for and checks over
        $200.00. We will also set up an audit system.

  9.   Don Spade will check on the status of our 501C-3 account with the IRS and we will take necessary
        steps to ensure it is in affect and if not, to re-instate it. The new bank did our 501C-3 status.

  10. Steve Haag violated Article 2, Section 5, Paragraph 1 of NBARC Bylaws. A committee of Ricky DeLuco,
         Bob Jones, and Gerald Phelps was set up and will meet for a determination of action to be taken
         concerning Steve as a member of the club.

  11.  We have recovered the club equipment. Bob Jones has the Generator, Go Kit is with Mike Fontana and
         the trailer is with Gary Hayward.

  12.  Mike Fontana advised that new ARES badges will be provided at the Melbourne Ham Fest in October.
         provided information on BEARS.

  13.  Voted on approving Eric Lorey as Interim Treasurer, Requested board to require dual check signaturers
         on monies above $250.00, and appointed committee to review member misconduct.

  14. Meeting Adjourned at 8:11 PM

  15. Attendees.      Gary Hayward, KJ4BOJ, Vice President

                                 Eric Lorey, KJ4HSN, Treasurer

                                 Jim Hough, W5ZXO, Secretary

                                 Ricky DeLuco, K4JTT, Technical Director

                                 Jerry Phelps, KJ4IMP, Assistant RACES Coordinator

                                 Bob Jones, N6USP, Training Director

                                 Mike Fontana, N1RFD, Special Operations Director

                                 Don Spade, N1DES

                                 Mike Torres, KM4CBT

                                 Danial McDonald, W4DMD

                                 Jim Hough, Secetary W5ZXO, Cell: 321-750-3520

                                 Please provide any additions, corrections and deletions to me.