FIELD DAY 24 JUNE, 2017
1.  Ricky was there before I arrived at 8 AM. We began unloading and assmbling the primary antenna.
     Mike Fontana arrived a little later and began setting up tables, chairs and his "Go Kit" and placed his
     antenna on the pier outside. Ricky's two helpers arrived and we began to fill pots with stones and
     install the antenna, erected and guyed all of it.

2.  Proceeded to setup equipment inside and tune everything up. Gary arrived and set up his equipment
     and antenna. Steve and Mary arrived with "FOOD" !!!. Eric and wife were there helping and  Eric was
     using his computer program w/HT. William and Nathan erected a 130 foot windom antenna and setup
     equipment inside and began making contacts. Ricky was alteady making RTTY and PSK-31 contacts
     and Mike's Go Kit was receiving check-ins from our club repeater.

3.  People Present:

     Ricky K4JTT

     Jim W5ZXO-Club Secretary

     Mike N1RFD-Special Projects Director

     Gary KJ4BOJ-Vice President

     William W4SVT

     Nathan W4NJW

     Eric KJ4HSN-Maintenance Superintendent

     Diane Lorey (Eric's XYL)

     Steve KJ4FJV-Treasurer

     Mary KJ4HDJ-President

     Matt Walker-Guest

     Tammy Walker-Guest

     Kaylee Walker-Guest

     Mackenzie Walker-Guest

     I left at 4 PM so I cannot report on the actvities after that.

     Please forward any omitted names/callsings and corrections to:

     Please add any activities that occurred after my departure to:

     73 and 88 to all participants and a hearty thank you to Ricky and his team and Steve and Mary-the food
     team and Mike the facilities provider.

     Jim Hough-W5ZXO-Secretary NBARC      

Pictures Coming Soon