North Brevard Amateur Radio Club help the homeless in cold weather

The New Year began with a bitter cold front over the City of Titusville as well as much of
Central Florida. This cold is typically concerning because there is small group of people
thet wonder the streets in Titusville. The Homeless. The National Weather Service
announced severe cold weather warning for January 3-4 with temperatures below
freezing. Also announced though a Facebook post was the Disabled American Veteran
Center in Titusville had opened up their doors as a cold weather shelter and was
offering a warm place to sleep and meals, this all worked out prefectly and the next
actions was just the right thing to do.

In many communities around, there are homeless that wander the streets and they are
always subject to the elements. In particular, cold weather can be extremely dangerous
and this was simple unacceptable. A group of North Brevard Amateur Radio Club
(K4NBR) ( members decided to act without hesitation.

Club members, with the spirit community in mind, Ricky DeLuco (K4JTT), Robert Ortiz
(KJ4VEH), William Klosowski (K4SVT), and Michael Ellixson (KE4MWZ) set out to do a
small part. The team set out in their own vehicles and fuel expenses searching around
the city of Titusville for the homeless. Using Amateur Radio as communications, the
North Brevard Repeater Located at Parish Hospital and Michael Ellison as Dispatch Net
Control, they worked in the cold and wet restlessly over 12 hours driving over 120 miles
just around Titusville spanned over the next two evenings.

As the quest began they notified the City of Titusville Police Department so they were
aware and in hopes of any on duty officers could reach out. What happened next was
unexpected and welcomed. The group was able to locate five homeless throughout the
city that first evening and give them a ride out in the elements. They were also called by
the city police department twice to help and provide transportation for others that were
located by on duty officers. All that were found wondering the streets in the very cold
and dangerous weather were voluntary transported to the Titusville DAV center where
they were cared for by such a wonderful staff. One addititional homeless person was
located late that first night to quickly discover he had the need for immediate medical
attention and was transported to Parish Hospital for help. The following evening the
team was at it again out and searching and was able to find and help several more over
to the DAV facility for the evening.

The North Brevard Amateur Radio Club (NBARC) is a Community Service Organization
sanctioned by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). They provide Radio
Communications in times of a declared emergency for community services. The
NBARC is involved in several community events and provides backup communications
to Parish Hospital. If you are interested in learning more about the club and Amateur
Radio Please visit for futher details or be our guest at one
of our monthly meeting posted on the web site.