Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS)
Most hams have heard of traffic handling and radiograms but you can also send a MARSGRAM via the Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) website:
You can send MARSGRAMS to:
        U.S. military personnel and their family members,
        Department of State personnel and their family members,
        Department of Defense personnel and their family members,
         Military units or other official DOD organizations,
        U.S government employees located overseas,
         Patients at veterans hospitals,
        Civilians assigned to any of these categories
Click LINKS and it will bring up a page of states that have MARSGRAMS programs.
You will need the following information:
Full military mailing address of the addressee (any branch of service). This includes Regular, Reserve, National guard or retired military.
Message text (all upper case) of 50 words or less (includes your signature).
Your complete home mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address.
Your message will be processed and transmitted by radio (out of the country if necessary) within 24 hours. Messages generally arrive overseas within 3 days or less but if your message is time-sensitive, be sure to allow as much lead time as possible. If addressed to personnel afloat, identify the ship as well.
Message must be personal, non-business in nature and may not be an initial death notification. Use contractions where possible when formatting the text of your message and exclude punctuation (unless absolutely critical). Feel free to use the MARSGRAM service as often as you wish.
You will be sent a confirmation by e-mail acknowledging receipt of your outbound message.
The U.S. Army MARS (Military Affiliate Radio System) program is sponsored by the Department of Defense and a fee is never charged for sending a message.
Your information will be handled as confidentially as possible. MARSGRAM responses from the addressee (if any) will be delivered to you via telephone or mailed if not local.
Army MARS members are located in every state and can accept your outbound message traffic via telephone.
Your Army MARS members in Brevard County is:
Ted Jansen, Palm Bay, K1YON Ph: 321-676-5960
Glenn Edmondson, Cocoa, KI4QLJ Ph: 321-637-8449
Thanks to World Radio, June 2006, page 45.
Prepared by Carl, AA4MI        e-mail: AA4MI