Preamble (at 7:00 pm local time)
CQ, CQ, CQ. This is (callsign) ________ , Net Control Operator for the North Brevard Amateur Radio Club.
My name is (name) _______________ , and I am located in (city or locality) _______________ , Florida.
This net meets every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm local time for the purpose of planning, practicing and discussing the activities of the North Brevard Amateur Radio Club.

Emergency traffic
Any emergency traffic will be handled with top priority during this net. If you need to pass emergency traffic at any time during this net, please notify Net Control and your traffic will be handled accordingly.

I will now break for any emergency traffic --- emergency traffic only please call now.


(If there is no emergency traffic, say "Nothing heard" and continue)

Net practices
This is a directed net.
Please do not transmit unless called by Net Control. During the net, please direct all communications through Net Control, (callsign) ________ .

This net is open to anyone who is licensed to operate on amateur radioy. This net is affiliated with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) of the American Radio Relay League; however ARES membership is not required to check in.

Please remember that if this repeater is not operational at the time of the net, we will hold the net on the 147.360 PL107.2 repeater.
This is (callsign) ________ , Net Control Operator for the North Brevard Amateur Radio Club. All stations please standby to let the repeater cycle.

(break for the repeater)

We will accept check-ins in. When called for check-in, please say "This is", then unkey and listen. If you do not hear another station, continue your transmission providing:

your call sign, first  and then phonetics,
your name,
your location,
whether you have announcements or comments for the net,

Please check-in four at a time, allowing Net Control to recognize these stations and continue the checked in.


Announcements, discussion, and questions
This is (callsign) ________ , Net Control Operator for the North Brevard Amateur Radio Club.

(Recognize any stations that checked in with announcements or comments)

(Recognize any additional stations with announcements, discussion items, or questions; give them the opportunity to facilitate any discussion or questions)

Final check-ins
Before closing the net, are there any additional stations who would like to check in? If so, please call now.


(Log and recognize any late check-ins)

Thank you to everyone who participated in this evening's Net.

This evening we had (check-in count) ________ check-ins, including myself.

The next scheduled net will be next Tuesday (month/day) ________ at 7:00pm.

This is (callsign) ________ , closing the net at (local time) ________ pm local time and returning the repeater to normal use.